A new dawn

A new dawn

And so it begins

The life we loved so dear

After the previous year 

With which the spoils were taken 

We had gone a long way 

To gather all we could

Whilst we do this

Track of time we lose

Herein a resolution was made

To do all we can in the new year 

Victories to win

Conquerors to be 

Behold it’s a new day 

A new dawn


2019: Year of unending Testimonies

I don’t know where to start from but I’ll start from somewhere… IN 2018, I had had a smooth journey from January to almost the end of the year. 2018 was indeed a great year, it was the year I graduated from the university

, wrote my first thesis, travelled outta Nigeria

and so on. So, you see, things were getting on fine 😁😁. Then, I got my admission into the Nigerian Law School which would warrant me conducting a lot of test, medical test inclusive that will aid my registration in school.
So, around November (12th or somewhat) I went to conduct my test as required by the NLS. I got my result and that was where it all started. I saw it there written boldly “HCV-POSITIVE”, I was not bothered as I didn’t know what it was about, the doctor saw it and said, why is yours positive?😠 then turned to my colleague seated beside me, what is your result? She said negative,😦 okay, there and then, I knew something is amiss🚫. She counseled me as to what to eat and to treat it without telling me what I’d treat it with. Then, I went home. I got home, told my mum what I came back with, she said okay cos she doesn’t know what HCV is too. We called an acquaintance at the hospital, she told me to come the next day (I haven’t researched here and still thought it isn’t anything bad). I went to the hospital, met with her, she prescribed my drugs and said to come back in 3 months for a checkup.
I decided to make a research as to what HCV is exactly, I found out, that it is Hepatitis C virus, a liver disease caused by the virus and it can result in both acute and chronic hepatitis which may lead to a serious lifelong illness. Research made me know that, if chronically infected, it will develop into cirrhosis and liver cancer which is mostly incurable. Plus, it gives no indications (symptoms) of the condition a person is.
My testimony however is on the basis that God allows things for a reason. If law school had not requested for a medical test, I would not have conducted one. If I had not conducted one, I would not have known that I’m with HCV and I would not have been able to treat it. For the rest of 2018, I continued using my medications even though inconsistently, cos I was in doubt still if I actually had the disease. I stopped eating some foods and started feeding mainly on fruits and veggies. I kept praying too🙏. My parents and confidant were also praying for me and making sure I was using my medications.

Then the end of the year came. We went to crossover night in church on the 31st, I prayed and told God that among the things I wish Him do for me is take away this illness from me, that I don’t want to continue saddling with me drugs everywhere I go. Note: I had faith that God can heal me without medications but I felt I had no time for the consecration it’ll require and I was scared on the other hand cos I do not want to be mourned over as a result of my carelessness.
Fast forward to today. I decided to conduct my test before going back to school. I got to the hospital, my blood sample was taken and phew! The test was conducted. My acquaintance who conducted it was somewhat confused and had to conduct like thrice, facing the woman in purdah that prescribed the drugs to me telling her what the results are… I was given my results which boldly inscribed was HCV-NEGATIVE!

God did for me a great miracle. What would normally be described to people as passed a curable stage, what therapy sessions would take over, and such therapies are usually painful than the illness itself, God did for me on a platter of gold. He showed me in time and healed me in due season!
This is a sign that 2019 will be a great year, with blessings undiluted, favor unending, joy overflow, grace unlimited.

Praise God with me.



This would be the first time ever I would be serious about taking decisions concerning my life and the future I’m itching to paint for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had series of plans and thoughts about what I wish to do and how I’ve got to go about it. I know a lot of things but scared of being laughed to scorn. I’ve had lessons on my proficiency skills but jittery of putting it into practice. I know about the rules guiding humanities, the morals, religion, beliefs but I haven’t got the boldness to stand up to it. I know so much about the motivation series but got issues with motivating myself. I know I’ve got the opportunities and endowment needed to thrive in my career, build my life but never for once did I make use of them. Why? I was scared of being rejected totally!

Woah! That must have sounded completely awkward. Being someone people know as beautiful, bold, well collected and with brains, getting people’s approval should have been just an icing on the cake. Hell no, it wasn’t for me. I started being self conscious and I lost myself in the pool of waiting for approval.

Then one day, I decided to let go of what people may think about me. I decided to be whom I’ve always wanted to be. Someone with cool brains, high intellect, having good relationship with people. How did I? I took a bold step out of self pity. I decided to believe in myself to do it. I’ve always wanted to create an indelible mark in the sand of time. There’s no other time that could be done other than now.

Hello there, do you find yourself in the same position as mine? Calm down, take a deep breath and get yourself to work. Take a bold step out of your shell. Do something out of the ordinary, try new opportunities, meet with people (they will not bite), improve and be impressed with what you’ve made outta your life.

Is there anything you wish to do? Take a bold step. Is it a new job? Approaching the HR is your bold step even if you’re not too comfortable about it, you were never meant to be. Is it about gathering skills? Networking with people who have been there before is that bold step, do not hesitate. Be your own motivation!

Take that bold step today. To avoid regrets.

Feelings that hurt!

Tender was she
Focused was her being
Determined was her second self
I would never venture into it
That was her favorite song

That feeling was only too sacred
That fling was too big for her heart
Would she be able to nurture it
Were her fears

More thinking needs to be done
The girl next door does it
I’m so much better than her
How could she have scaled

Little by little she drifted
‘Try it to know what it entails
Before you jump to conclusions’
Were now her reactions

Attention was well showed
This is my dream man
My prince charming
So she squealed
Alas! She was let down

She was disappointed
‘I can’t believe I made a jest of myself’
Are now her reactions
What a sad occurrence

But there she is again
Giving another trial
Wouldn’t be too hard to do
So she did try
But ended up going from a man to another

Because she wouldn’t stop
Giving a trial
She made herself vulnerable
For them to look through
Making such a fool of herself

I couldn’t have gone this far
Had I listened to my instinct
So she said!
Life only can be cruel at times?
At an unsuspecting innocence



How do you feel when it’s like the whole world is turning round against you? How do you feel when you’ve done what you shouldn’t have? How do you feel when you betray yourself? How do you feel when you fall into sin?

The dirtiest mud this world 🌍 could afford! Sin is an injury, it is a disease and a deadlier one at that! Sin is an inevitable stain on one’s personality in this world!

Sin is sometimes what we human see as a little wrong! You know, we can even say, “doing this wouldn’t hurt me, doing that wouldn’t displease God neither will that cause God’s blessings not to fall on me nor make me the most unrighteous person on earth”..

Sin as deadly as it is starts from little things that we do not count. Sometimes, we might be tempted although we know what is right! The surge of sin will make us start comparing oneself with a fellow sister or a fellow brother in the house of God!

For how long are we going to do this? I ask again, how long? “I saw brother Elijah last week doing this, well there’s nothing wrong with it then”,” I caught the Bible coordinator in the act just two days ago, so nothing stops me from doing it”, “if those that are well grounded in the word can do this, well I’m good to go too”.

Why don’t you let yourself be well grounded too in that cause? Make Jesus your example and stop looking at men. They only are just flesh. Do not let their actions debar you from reaching that heavenly place. Let others not be a hindrance to you but make yourself a channel of blessing via which souls might be blessed! Be like Jesus in everything you do.

Make Jesus your role model and mentor, leave him and let him work on you. There’s something sin is afraid of and that’s the blood of Jesus. Wash yourself in the blood-washed throng and lean not into your own power or might.

Surrender to a higher power, repent and believe, confess and trust also in him. Then thou shalt have total victory over the virus “sin”!!!.

God bless you